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 Raging Ryu

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PostSubject: Raging Ryu   Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:25 pm



~Raging Ryu Hoshi~
~Holy Ryu Hoshi~

The Origin of this character, is pretty simple. If there is a Ryu there must be a Ken, and vice versa.
I could never decide on his name Holy Ryu or Raging Ryu, I want to use Holy because there are no actual Holy Ryu's out in the community, just Holy Ryu which is a sprite swap of Super Ken, which is a sprite swap of Evil Ryu MB (By Mystic Blaze) which i think is just plain stupid.

So i wanted to make the first true Holy Ryu. and i believe this one fulfills that.

Also he was released Several Months ago as a Beta (3rd beta actually) so now i can OFFICAL release him to the public!
Before i get to the move list, i just wanna state i got a bit lazy during creation, so intead of having 3 levels for each super, he has a single use , 2 guage super. so aside from the Shinku Hadouken, Air Gou-Hadouken, and Holy Raiser, every other super takes 2 bars from the super guage, and is the only version of its kind, there is no weak or strong version.

and so here i got with the Super Move list!

- Hadouken - Down, Forward, Punch
- Tatsumaki - Down, Back, Kick
- Shoryuken - Forward, Down, Forward, Punch
- Holy Flare - Back, Forward, Kick
- Super Speed - Back, Forward, Punch
- Reppuken - Down, Back, Punch
- Air Gou-Hadouken - Down, Forward, Punch (Air Only)
- Shippuken - Down, Back, Punch (Air Only)

and here is the Hyper Move List!

- Shinku Hadouken - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch
- Shin Shoryuken - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Kick
- Shinku Tatsumaki Seppy Kyaku - Down, Back, Down, Back, Kick
- Raging Storm - Down, Back, Down, Back, Punch
- Air Gou-Hadouken - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch
- Holy Raiser - Down, Back, Down, Back, Punch

I believe thats all of his moves.. unless i forgot something.. but lets hope his next update is to fix a error not to add more moves LOL.
Thank you for downloading my character.
and Yes i'm already aware some of his sparks are misaligned, and some moves dont behave properly.

Special thanks to
Mugen Free For All

my home away from home.

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Raging Ryu
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